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Behind Blue Eyes

Tears Behind This Plastered Smile

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I hate this part. There's so much that I care about, and it's so hard to jot it all down,
especially when you're sitting here trying to come up with something cool to say. I guess
when it comes down to it, my friends will really be the only ones really paying that much
attention...and they already know I'm cool, so...I don't really have to wrack my brains, lol.
Anyway-my name is Brein, people call me Bree for short, that way I'm not getting called "Brian"
as most people make the mistake and do. So yeah, just call me Bree. I'm 22, and I'm originally
from Detroit, Michigan, but moved to Adrian, Michigan recently.
I've got awesome friends. Dinah and I have only gotten into one fight-and it lasted a week. I
don't even remember what it was about. I've known her almost 6 years now. She's my best-friend
and I can tell her anything. I love you, man! Geoff is Dinah's husband, and he's like a brother
to me. We have so much fun ganging up on Dinah, haha. Carolyn I've known for 8 years. All we
used to have in common is our love for the Backstreet Boys...now it's much deeper than that.
We've been through a lot. Crystal and Kimmie I've known for almost 7. We have so many memories...
we've been through so many things, good and bad--I'm glad the good won. Chibi is my wifey, hehe.
I love her to death...I'm glad Frick came back to the party! David is Crystal's fiance.
I love him to death. I'm glad they found one another. We have fun. Amber is my AMBER!!!!! Haha.
Jason (Florida) is like a brother to me. Jason (CavZero) is there to talk to when I'm in certain moods.
Etienne is a guy I came across and fell for fast. Because of this, distance is my worst enemy.
These are my friends, and I love them.
I'm the oldest of 6. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. I have a little nephew named Dante, whom
I love very much.
I have a major passion for the Backstreet Boys, whom I mentioned above. I've been a fan since
'95. My membername is one of their songs off of the Black and Blue album. My favorite member
always has been Brian Littrell, always will be. I also love Nelly, Usher, Omarion, B2K
(esp. Jarell "J-Boog" Houston), Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Joe, Next, Justin Timberlake, etc...
My favorite TV shows are Home Improvement (I'm a BIG Jonathan Taylor Thomas fan), Full House
(I love John Stamos) Jake In Progress (Again with the John Stamos), Summerland, and the HGTV channel.
I'm currently single. My heart is taken, but the distance between us has overruled anything
I thought had potential. Otherwise, I'm tired of the meaningless bullshit and am ready for something real.
If you wanna know anything else, or would just like to chat, hit me up on one of the messengers.
For those of you who know me, please comment on my entries! I love you all...Bree

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